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How it Works

Buying and selling a home in a slow real estate market can be distressing, frustrating, and can ultimately cost sellers the very hard earned money needed to purchase another home.

The lag in the market has given buyers leverage in negotiations, forcing sellers to often accept less than their property is worth. www.OnlineHouseTrading.com is the solution to selling and buying in today's slow real estate market.

Unlike every other real-estate web-site that merely list homes for sale, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com has a database that combines information not only on properties available for sale but also properties that are sought by potential buyers. In today's market the problem is not the lack of buyers or the lack of inventory; the problem is that buyers and sellers are not connecting. Much like an online dating service, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com works as a search engine to match the wants and needs of buyers to the same wants and needs of two property sellers within our database. We are the vehicle that brings motivated buyers and sellers together. www.OnlineHouseTrading.com will help you find the house you want and find someone who wants to buy yours.

Typically, the goal is to find your dream home, however, finding it is only the beginning. What if you sell your current home before you find a new one? What if you haven't sold it in time to close on your dream home? Can you afford to pay TWO mortgages until it sells? www.OnlineHouseTrading.com will help you answer all of these questions before they become serious issues.

www.OnlineHouseTrading.com buy-sell home matching program introduces buyers and two home sellers in an effort to exchange dreams. Each day www.OnlineHouseTrading.com searches their vast database for someone that is looking to buy a house like yours, and at the same time, selling a home that meets YOUR needs. You will be notified daily via e-mail, as well as through your personal www.OnlineHouseTrading.com account of any potential matches.

www.OnlineHouseTrading.com has developed an extensive marketing program bringing an estimated 1 million people to our site each month. Price-wise, there is no way to gain as much exposure for your house as by advertising through www.OnlineHouseTrading.com. For the LOW, ONE TIME price of $19.95, your home will remain in our database until it is sold and you've found your new home. Whether you are looking to upgrade or downsize, move within the same community, transfer across the country, or retire to your well-deserved paradise, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com will be the foundation on which your success is built.

Ready to check us out? Just follow these simple steps!

Step 1
Fill out the short form that gathers the most basic information on “What you are selling…” and “What you are looking to buy”.

After choosing a user name, password, and entering your e-mail address you will receive a list of properties. These are potential properties that you may be interested in but not necessarily properties where the owner is interested in trading with you.
Step 2
By clicking on any one of these properties or the “Add More Info” link you will be directed to the “listing” page. Here is where you will enter all of the detailed information about your house as well as the home you are looking for. Once completed, you will be asked for the one time fee of $19.95. Now your property will be available for viewing by thousands of prospective buyers from as nearby as your own neighborhood to anywhere across the country.
Step 3
Just sit back and wait for your matches. You will be notified via e-mail as well as through your personal online house trader account. Get Started!

Minimum requirements for a successful match are as follows:

  1. Identical property type
  2. Sales price must fall in between buyer range
  3. Location must be within buyer preferred radius of metropolitan area
  4. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms must complement buyer’s needs

Strength (or ranking) of match will be determined by these factors as well as the more detailed information gathered from the listing page. The $19.95 fee is for each property you are looking to sell. You can enter as many match requests for said property.

For example, if you are looking to trade your Las Vegas property for any water front property on the Florida coastline you would need to add multiple locations for “what I’m looking for” for the same property. You will not incur any additional costs.

Once a match has been made, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com will make anonymous contact information available to both parties. It is up to both parties to come to a contractual agreement to purchase each other’s properties if they so choose.

Your listing will expire at the end of a six-month period. You will be required to re-list your information at this point (no additional fees).

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Online House Trading.com offers an exciting home swapping and trading network for real estate exchanges and trades.