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How it Works

Struggling to Sell Your Home? Swap It With www.OnlineHouseTrading.com’s Sophisticated, Affordable Services

There’s no question that today’s real estate market is in one serious funk. So when Allen Sawtelle and his wife recently wanted to move from Southwestern Nevada to be near their grandchildren in Georgia, the prospect of selling their home looked pretty bleak.

That’s when Sawtelle learned about “house swapping,” a new trend he likens to old-fashioned trading. Unsure of how or if house swapping could work for them, the 71-year-old — who says he “could barely turn on a computer” much less navigate the Web — ventured online and landed at www.OnlineHouseTrading.com. A network for those wanting to swap houses, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com provides buyers and sellers with the same state-of-the-art technology that some of the most successful online dating services use. This helps ensure buyers and sellers “come to the table” as a perfect match to negotiate their deal.

According to Sawtelle, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com was the most sophisticated of such businesses on the Net. So after paying the $20 sign-up fee and easily navigating the site, he then arranged for a swap that fit his exact needs. In doing so, he and his wife soon joined thousands of others who’ve easily swapped properties despite the depressed real estate market, according to Daniel Westbrook, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com’s CEO.

“The Sawtelles now live near their grandchildren and in a Georgia home of their dreams,” Westbrook says. “What’s more, their story has provided hope for people facing foreclosure or feeling stuck because their homes aren’t selling. It’s also ideal for military personnel or professionals who need to transfer or relocate quickly.”

Already, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com has been so hot that it’s landed stories in publications such as Money Magazine and The Wall Street Journal and on several morning shows, such as “The Today Show,” “Good Morning America” and “The Early Show.” A viable solution for the crippled real estate market, house swapping is an easy, cost-effective process, thanks to www.OnlineHouseTrading.com. Working much like search engines on matchmaking websites, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com collects a user’s pertinent information regarding his or her home and then matches it with a property featuring the same or similar criteria. Buyers and sellers cut costs by using one real estate agent instead of two; the swapping process — or the selling of the two homes between the perfectly matched buyers — is extremely streamlined as well.

“The word is spreading like wildfire that house swapping really works,” Westbrook says. “We’re seeing amazing results through www.OnlineHouseTrading.com and are thrilled to offer a viable solution to buyers and sellers everywhere.”

About www.OnlineHouseTrading.com

www.OnlineHouseTrading.com is the only online real estate listing service that actually connects buyers and sellers together using sophisticated matching technology. By taking the information of thousands of traders nationwide, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com acts as the online dating service for the real estate world. Combining the information of both sellers and buyers, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com is revolutionizing the way people do real estate today.