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How it Works
Internet Startup Company, www.OnlineHouseTrading.com, complete first Swap in record time!

www.OnlineHouseTrading.com completed its first house swap last week between a homeowner in Nevada and a homeowner in Georgia. Allen Sawtelle is HouseTrading’s client and he and his wife completed a house swap for their home in Nevada for a home in Georgia after deciding to move to be close to their daughter and grandchildren who recently moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Mr. Sawtelle is a 71 year old man who, in his words “Can barely turn on a computer”, but he had no trouble navigating the www.OnlineHouseTrading.com site and completing a deal. I asked Mr. Sawtelle why he chose the OnlineHoueTrading site instead of others and he told me that after visiting two other sites (with no fee) he decided on OnlineHouseTrading because, “It looked more sophisticated than the other sites.”

Mr. Sawtelle said that even though OnlineHouseTrading required a $20 fee to sign up, he ‘figured that twenty bucks was less than you pay when you go out to supper”, and decided to give it a go.

Mr. Sawtelle, Allen believes that with the real estate market in such a slump, the best way to ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ now is going back to old fashioned swapping. You have something I want, I have something you want – let’s swap.

Mr & Mrs. Sawtell decided to move from their home in Parampf, Nevada, 50 miles outside of Las Vegas because Mrs. Sawtelle didn’t want to be so far away from her grandchildren after they and her daughter moved from their home in Las Vegas. “We were looking for something within a couple hundred miles of Chattanooga so we could visit the kids.” They house they swapped for is located in ….. Georgia, just 79 mile away from Chattanooga.

Mr. Sawtelle, who has been a Real Estate Agent, Broker and commented that he hopes the company does well because they are in the right place in the right time

The result of Mr. Sawtelle’s gamble was negotiating a house swap