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Press Release-June 07'


Trade Your Home. Innovative Website to Revolutionize the Way People Buy and Sell Homes

OnlineHouseTraders.com is a revolutionary website which allows both home sellers and home buyers to connect with ease by embracing breakthrough technology while keeping true to the user friendly website style that people love.

When asked how the website came about, Brian Stroka, co-founder of OnlineHouseTraders.com explains, “We started to look at how people buy and sell homes, and we realized that people want a full package deal; they need to sell their existing home and buy a new home at the same time. Our website exists specifically to facilitate such transactions.”

If you are familiar with online dating services, you know how sophisticated the matching of people can be. Everything from personality to physical attributes is taken into consideration when these websites connect two people for a date. This same technology is now being utilized by OnlineHouseTraders.com to help connect home buyers and sellers.

The site works much the same as the search engines on match making websites. OnlineHouseTraders.com takes a user’s information regarding their house, including location, price and specific information about the property, and matches it with other users seeking a property with the same or similar criteria. Further, the search engine will take that same user’s home purchasing information and utilize it to match the home seller with a homebuyer who is also selling their home.

When asked about the growing popularity of the OnlineHouseTraders.com site, Mr. Stroka said, “What we started realizing is that many people are ‘trading places’ in terms of where they buy and sell homes. Whether it is within the same neighborhood or across the country, people seem to move to and from the same areas*. Our website helps these people ‘kill two birds with one stone’, with much less stress than conventional means. It’s simple, easy to use, and very cost effective. Anyone can easily use our site.”

OnlineHouseTraders.com investor, Steve Coad, relates a personal experience that won him over to the concept. “My wife and I were recently in the exact situation Brian is talking about. We were being transferred to a city we had never even been to. Our minds started reeling just at the thought! Stress was building at the prospect of all we had to do, and do quickly. We had just built our home a little over a year before, and to top it off, the real estate market in our area was tough. Plus, we still had to find a new home in a new place, similar in size and quality to the house we were selling.”

“Thankfully, we made it through everything and learned something very interesting afterwards. We had moved two thousand miles to our new city to find out that the people we bought our new house from had bought their new house just a few miles from where we had moved. Same price range, same quality, comparable sizes, the right location for both parties. We could have traded houses! When I heard about the OnlineHouseTraders.com concept, having just lived through relocating myself, I knew it was a sound investment.”

OnlineHouseTraders.com charges their members a nominal, one time fee; less than the price of a tank of gas. For $19.95 members can advertise the house they have for sale, advertise the criteria for the house they wish to buy, and have access to the website for an unlimited amount of time, providing they update their information every six months. In a housing market that has been cooling for some time, OnlineHouseTraders.com offers home buyers and sellers a red-hot concept to meet all of their real estate needs.

Mr. Stroka further explains, “Before our site, people were first focusing on selling their house, which is stressful, and then they immediately had to find a house to buy, which is also stressful, often causing them to settle on something less than ideal. Our site significantly reduces the stress associated with relocating and enhances the process for both sellers and buyers by allowing each to solve their housing needs in one simple, easy to use format.”

OnlineHouseTraders.com is offering a winning combination for anyone in the market to buy and sell a home. For more information, please visit www.OnlineHouseTraders.com

*Information obtained from the 2000 U.S. Census Bureau